Thermodynamic Properties of Strongly Degenerate Fermi Gas

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Addis Ababa University


In this project we have studied thermodynamic properties of strongly degenerate Fermi gases. Using the basic law of thermodynamic we derived Grand potential ( ), number of fermions (N), Heat capacity (Cv), pressure (p), Energy (E), Entropy (S), Chemical potential (μ), Magnetization (M) as a functions of temperature (T) and magnetic field (H). We have also the concept of pauli paramagnetism and Landau diamagnetism in degenerate fermi gas (Electron gas). Generally, we can get the result from the derived equation the plot of these parameters as temperature increase the grand potential is large negative. As temperature increases the chemical potential decreases, the pressure increases as the temperature increases, the pressure decreases as magnetic field increases at low temperature. The total energy versus magnetic field graph shows that the energy increases rapidly when magnetic field is less than 1500 T. The density of state has discontinuous behavior and has a real and positive value. We also observed that as the total energy, grand potential and pressure depend on density of states and thus show similar behavior.



Thermodynamic, Strongly, Degenerate Fermi, Gas