Communication Strategy of Oromia Regional Government Communication Affairs Burcau: Effectiveness of Implementation and Challenges

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Addis Ababa University


Effecti ve and pl anned communication strategy IS not only an essential aspect of the contemporary organi zation, but can al so be seen as the basis of sustaining organi zations. This paper acknowledges the importance of communication strategy fo r awareness creation and alt itude de ve lopment. I-ience, the study ex plored the effectiveness of implementation and challcnges o r' ORGCAB communication strategy on creating aware ness and developing alt itudes of the community. Participatory, social mobilization and the two-steps flow of communication theories encompass the underpinning for the theoret ical part of the paper. Three basic research qucstions were rai sed to guide the study. and scholarly articles related to the issues were di scussed. Both non- random sampling (i.e. Purposive sampling) and systematic sampling methods were used to se lect the subjects. Both qua li ta ti ve and quantitati ve resea rch methods were employed. Therefore. the researcher employed qualitative content anal ys is as a major method and quantitati ve as supporti ve method. The data for the study were gathcred through questionnaires and in-depth interviews with key informants. The data composed from questionnaires was delibe rated using SPSS package throu gh quantitative co ntent analys is. Fu rthermore. the data obtained from conducted interviews was di scussed and ana lyzed qua litati ve ly. In addition. a document was also the tool employed fo r gatheri ng the data. The findi ng of the study showed that the bureau' s communication strategies were implemented with inadequate knowledgc. inappropri ate techniques and insuffici ent faciliti es . Besides, the study revealed that the bureau' s segments and stak eholders were implementing the communication strategy with ineffi cient feed backs and limited collaboration. Fin ally. the study concluded th at the bureau's communi cation strategy was implemented effectively; and recommend at ions were provided based on the conclusion.



Oromia Regional Government Communication, Burcau: Effectiveness of Implementation