An Investigation in to the Presence of Enabling Environment for Investigative Journalism in Ethiopia: The Case of Ebc Radio Cluster, Fm 104.4 Mekelle, Snnprs Rta/Fm 100.9

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Addis Ababa University


This research was conducted in order to explore the presence of enabling environment for investigative journalism in Ethiopia in the case of EBC radio cluster, FM 104.4 Mekelle, SNNPRS RTA/FM 100.9. Therefore, both qualitative and quantitative approaches were used to collect the needed data. In-depth interview, questionnaire and document analyses of data collection methods were applied. The sources of this study were journalists from the selected radio stations, media managers and an instructor from the Department of Law Mekelle University. In-depth interview was conducted with the primary sources of key informants, total of ten which is 6 investigative journalists, three media manager and an instructor from Mekelle University law department. Besides, questionnaire was distributed among the journalists of the selected three radio stations from the existing different departments. Then 86 journalists filled the questionnaire. Finally document analysis (editorial polices) of the three radio stations were used as secondary sources. The finding of the study reveals that, the poor applicability of media law and editorial policy in the media organizations, lack of full commitment from the government and media organizations to help journalists embark on investigative journalism are mainly contributed to the poor performance of investigative journalism in Ethiopia. In addition, journalists have lack of enough skill and knowledge of investigative journalism and there is less cooperation of public and government bodies to provide information for investigative journalists are the major findings. Therefore, journalist should be strong, devoted to practice investigative journalism and confront challenges. In addition, all the concerned bodies should be committed and initiated in practicing the editorial policy of the organizations and media law should be implemented in the ground.



Environment for Investigative Journalism in Ethiopia, Ebc Radio Cluster