Stakeholders’ Management Practice On Information Technology Projects: The Case Of Ethiopian Airlines Group

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this project work is to examine the influence of project stakeholder management in Ethiopian Airlines IT projects. Mixed methods research approach is applied to produce more complete understanding of the research problem. And a descriptive research design is used for setting out baselines for the study. The (primary and secondary) data were obtained from 40 questionnaire respondents (through five point Likert scale), interviews with six selected individuals and internal documents. The findings of the study revealed ETG IT projects stakeholder management processes practice were moderate. Identify stakeholders and manage stakeholders’ engagement processes were relatively well practiced compared to plan stakeholder management, and monitor stakeholder engagement. The study inferred project manager, project board (sponsor) and vendor had positive impact based on the stakeholder impact analysis undergone on selected IT projects stakeholders. Moreover, the study related to comparative importance of project management ‘Knowledge Areas’, project stakeholder management were ranked 7 th only topping human/resource, communication and procurement management on their contribution to Ethiopian Airlines Group IT projects performance. To improve IT projects performance, the study recommend that PMO shall give focus on project stakeholder management. The study also endorses a stakeholder impact analysis method used in this project work for its considerations of more stakeholder attributes compared to the existing stakeholder impact analysis based on ‘Power vs Interest’ matrix. Overall, the proper practice of project stakeholder management on IT projects helps stakeholders’ interest grow, enables sound stakeholders’ relationship, and boost overall business performance.



IT Project Management, Stakeholder Management,, stakeholder theory,, Ethiopian Airlines Group