Analysis of Amharic Talk Show Content and Format Reform of Ethiopian television

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Addis Ababa University


Since its invention in 19th and 20th-century television has passed through different stages. The television broadcast its content in different formats of news and news programs. One of the widely known television genres is a talk show program. The beginning of talk show programs has more than four decades of ages. In Ethiopia, since the beginning of television transmission, various television formats were implemented. Among the television programs, the talk show program history was limited to outsource producers for a long period of time, which means Ethiopian television was not produced in house talk show programs for a long period of time due different reseasons. But recently, the station began to give attention for talk show program, hence ten talk show programs are broadcasting in Ethiopian Television presently. Ethiopian television talk show programs have four types such as one to one, one to few, one to many and phone in. These programs have their own feature of presentation, target group, setting, background, and identity. This study is conducted to find out how these talk show program contents and formats are implemented based on their standard. Opportunities for having talk show program formats especially in addressing public issues, opening debate and discussion for the public, for entertaining various opinions, ideas, views have been discussed and analyzed. The general objective of this study is analyzing content framing and format implementation of Ethiopian television Amharic talk show programs. To make this study both quantitative and qualitative method was deployed specifically data analysis and in-depth Interview respectively. For data analysis of content statistical package for social scientist (SPSS) is used. purposive sampling is used for the qualitative approach of an indepth interview. Generally, the finding of the study indicated and most of the respondents agreed that the presence of talk show programs and the designed formats are good and enables to make the audience active participant express their various views and ideas in the selected topic either in recorded or in live talk show programs and also the shows are vital in attracting the audience . The study results also show that even if the formats and the contents are good in addressing the public issue there is a problem, which can be expressed in different forms such as hosting the shows in a standard, planning, lack of preparation, time usage, and production quality. The study also revealed that there are internal and external challenges that hinder the show to produce in its standard. Most respondents indicated that these problems have to be solved and serious action is needed by the station to implement fully the standard of the shows as well as content framing issues within the perspective of the public.