Assessment of Monitoring and Evaluation Practice of Women Entrepreneurship Development Project (WEDP): The Case of Development Bank of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The monitoring and evaluation method involves gathering information and evaluating it to determine whether a project is making progress towards its intended goals and objectives. This study was necessitated with the aim of assessing the monitoring and evaluation practice of Women Entrepreneurship Development Project in the case of Development Bank of Ethiopia. The study adopted a descriptive research design and Census survey data was collected from 12 project personnel who have had previous direct involvement in the program, as well as current staff members on the project team. Data was collected through interview and focused group discussions. The result of the study shows that the Bank has a well-organized M&E system on its projects, but it does not M&E policy that guides projects implemented by the Bank. In addition there are not enough M&E experts with certain skills in the field, but not all. The study also identified unavailability of separate budget allocation for M&E practice. Irregularity and inadequate reporting by the PFI’s, Poor filing and data management system by the PFIs and security issues are also some of the obstacles faced during the practice. Therefore, the study recommends that DBE shall establish a monitoring and evaluation Policy at organization level, enhance the capacity of its staff through trainings, hire enough M&E experts, allocate adequate fund and adopt project-level M&E plan



Monitoring and Evaluation, Women Entrepreneurship Development Project