The Role Of Social Media Marketing In Building Brand Image, The Case Of Capital Hotel And Spa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Social media has become an important part of hotels brand image building activities and has transformed the way hotels interact with customers. It is a new field of research and a literature review reveals that not various studies have been undertaken specially in Ethiopia context. The use of social media marketing in Ethiopia is at its infant stage. However, the current situation may not extend for long time due to the fast-growing usage of social media platforms, fast growth of internet penetration and the need for hotels to participate in the globalized world in order to be competitive with international hotels and to benefit out of this astounding technology. The purpose of this research paper has been to examine the role of social media marketing in building strong brand image in the context of Ethiopian hotel. This study is an explanatory and descriptive nature whose primary objective is to provide insight in social media marketing phenomenon and brand image. the researcher used the sample size recommended for unknown population by Corbetta (2003) which is 385. A non-probability sampling, purposive sampling and snow-ball method were employed to conduct the survey due to the need to the selection (screening) of target population based of their social media presence. The finding of this research paper indicates that capital hotel and spa is not exploiting the full potential of social media marketing for brand image with its two selected important dimensions (brand awareness and brand association). As the detail statistical analysis showed in chapter four social media marketing and brand image are highly correlated each other, nevertheless, the data collected form this study exposed that significant number of respondents are not exposed to the hotel’ social media marketing activities giving the interpretation that capital hotel and spa is not taking advantage of this remarkable opportunity, the social media marketing activities of the hotel are not sufficient and consistence. The use of social media marketing nowadays is becoming very popular worldwide and it has changed the relationship between customers and hotels and this effect will gradually continue to evolve in Ethiopia as new media infuses the culture and society. Therefore, the research suggested that hotels that appeals themselves as an international hotel should use social media platforms to present their brands with enormous reach, endless communication possibilities and with a very limited promotion cost and grab the possible opportunities of exploiting the strong brand image building potential through the richest and fastest communication



social media marketing, brand image, brand awareness