“Psychological Treatments” Provided to Mental Health Patients in Torhailoch Specialized Hospital: Situation Analysis

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Addis Ababa University


A qualitative research of explanatory case study type was applied to investigate the situation of psychological treatments that are provided to mental health patients in Torhailoch Hospital. Six psychiatric nurses and three psychiatric patients were involved in the study by using purposive sampling method. Interviews, observations and document analysis were also applied to collect data. Four points were identified as findings. The psychiatric nurses who were delivering the psychological service in the hospital had inadequate trainings regarding psychological therapies; the psychiatric nurses did not make use of any theory of psychotherapy while they were conducting group or individual therapy; the prominent psychological service that was given in the hospital was group therapy which comprised of every psychiatric patient in a single group, and focusing on providing psychoeducation; the hospital gave little attention to the use psychological means for the treatment of psychiatric patients. However, it found that the psychiatric nurses and the mental health patients had positive attitudes toward the usefulness of psychological therapies for the wellbeing of patients. Moreover, the psychiatric nurses had high interest to help patients using psychological method.



“Psychological Treatments” Provided, Mental Health Patients