Factors Influencing Community Participation in the Implementation of Primary School Curriculum in Primary Schools of Axum Town, Tigray Region

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study is to identify the practices and level of community participation in the implementation of primary school curriculum. Communities are strategic in a variety of ways towards the provision and management of education as well as teaching learning and enforcement processes. However, the role of the communities on schools, at which this study is focused, was raised by schools in Axum town as one of the problem areas that need improvement. This paper discusses how communities can be involved in variety of aspects related to the implementation of curriculum in schools for the improvement of quality of education. Descriptive survey method was used in this study. Questionnaires, interviews and review of documents were employed in order to conduct both quantitative and quantitative content analysis of community participation in various forms and dimensions in order to show the challenges and prospects in the Axum community setting. The study was conducted in five primary schools in the Axum town of the Tigray Region. A total of 109 respondents were participated in the study comprising of 5 principals, 6 vice principals, 79 teachers 4 cluster supervisors 5 PTA members, 5 SETB members and 5 parents. Overall, the community participation in the implementation of primary school curriculum in the five schools studied was found to be low. The roles of the school community in the implementation of school curriculum are found inadequate. Primary school curriculum implementation needs a shared efforts and responses from the community, teachers, principals, vice principals and students. It is recommended that partnership and interaction between community and school in implementing educational policies and programs must be built to provide initiative, responsibility, sensitivity for participation in education and school governance designed to improve community participation in the implementation of primary school curriculum