Information System for Patient Medical Record of Butajira Rural Hospital

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Addis Ababa University


No clinical computing topic is being given more attention than that of computer based medical records. Efficient and effective healthcare depends upon accurate information and timely decision. Computer-based medical records are increasingly becoming a necessary and critical tool in healthcare to achieve those goals. This study aims at examining the current paper-based patient medical record system at Butajira Hospital and develops a patient medical database. The main objective of the study is to propose and develop an improved and effective information system for patient medical record of Butajira Hospital. On the process of analyzing the existing system, document analysis and semi-structured interview data collection methods have been implemented. Structured system analysis and prototype system designs had been selected as system development methodologies. Attempts were made to investigate problems with the existing system and analyze requirements for the proposed system. The study reveals that, the existing paper medical record system is subject to several drawbacks. Potential misplacement, destruction, and storage space consumption of patient charts, illegibility, inconsistency, incompleteness, disorganization and redundancy of information on the chart are major ones. To overcome these and other defects, and meet the analyzed requirements, a computer-based patient record system (CPR) has found to be the best solution. As appropriate software packages for African or developing countries hospitals cannot be found off the shelf, to alleviate this problem, it was decided to develop a database in-house. A RDBMS 'Microsoft Access ' has been used to build a database locally. The capturing format of clinical data is also a point of concern of the study. Both coded and free texts with narration are formats applied to capture patient medical data in the database. Summary, within the database development, intuitive and easy to use interfaces have been created. Valuable recommendations have also been stated for better implementation of the proposed system.



Information Science