Thgorgticali Vestigatlon of Supgrconouctivity in (Sr, Na)-Grapheng Shget

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Addis Ababa University


Graphcne hfl,s many remFlrkablc properti es) but superconductivity is notably absent. Hccent observation of proxi mity effeeL has ignited in superconductivity of graphel'" sheel,. In this work wc explore. using density fu nctiona l theory (OFT) iI.nd density functioned pert.urbation t heory (DFPT) ca.lcu lation the possibility of inducing !';upcrconductivity in strontium and sodium doped graphenc. 'vVe have g iven <-\, clear evidence that slIperconductivity cri t ica l temperature J~ is easily affected by the contrihlltion of inplrtlle phonon vi hration of intercR.IRt.e and outof- p lane phonon (ZO) of the graphene sheet. P arti cularly Sr and Na graphene sheet leads t.o superconductivit.y, with), = 0.667 with T, of 7.5 K and 0.41 with T, of 2 K for sodium and strontium interca.lated grap henc res pectively.



Thgorgticali Vestigatlon