The Prevalence of Injury in Running in the case of Some Selected First Division Clubs in Addis Ababa

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Addis Abeba university


The study is about the prevalence of injury in running in Addis Ababa first division athletics clubs of Federal maremia, Federal police and Ethiopian neged bank. The study devoted to deal with the prevalence of injury in running. The method employed runners, physiotherapist, coaches, and sport managers which working with athletes at clubs selected using purposive sampling. The study involves 3 clubs which participated in Addis Ababa first division .from all clubs 60 athletes were selected randomly and from each club 2 coaches were selected purposely by their position. With regarded to data gathering from the respondents the research employed questionnaire with closed and open ended. The data collected were analyzed and interpreted by using percentage statistical analysis in tables. The researcher found the prevalence of injury in the three clubs are Knee injury, Ankle injury, Hamstring injury, Injuries to the connective tissue , Muscle injuries Achilles Tendon and Stress fracture of the bone. The main causes to injury are the athletes run with the, experienced (elite) athletes, incorrect training program, eager to win, lack of balanced food, overload training, restless training, restless training, lack of warming up cool down, lack of warming up cool down, lack of warming up cool down, unsafe training environment, training above their age level and unwillingness of the athlete to coaches. The researcher forwarded that runners must understand the prevalence of injury cause of injury and making awareness about injury prevention mechanism. Clubs, coaches and other concerned bodies will work hard to minimize the athlete who unnecessary suffers from injury



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