Assessment Of Project Management Maturity Level The Case Of International Orthodox Christian Charities

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Addis Ababa University


Many organizations use project management maturity models to improve their project performance. This study used Project Management Institute’s PM solution’s Maturity model to assess the maturity level of IOCC. PM solution’s standard questionnaire were used to collect data from IOCC project managers, monitoring & evaluation specialists, finance and admin staff and staffs from the leadership. Key informant interview were conducted with experts from the leadership. Data are analyzed using SPSS to compute average project management maturity level of IOCC. Results are discussed qualitatively by comparing the results against the model’s standard and theoretical reviews. Based on the assessment, IOCC PM Maturity is measured at 1.65 which is identified as level 2, where structured and standard processes are used but not applied to all projects. Among the knowledge areas, cost and time management have showed better maturity level 2.26 and 1.96 respectively. On the other hand, human resource and risk management and stakeholder management showed the least value measured as 1.15, 1.39 and 1.39 respectively. Such low maturity score depicts the organization performs the knowledge areas without following structured approach or guideline, relying solely on the knowledge and experience of the project team. As a result, the paper recommended there is a need to allocate resource for capacity building, standardize project management at institutional level. There is also a need to use computerized system for centralizing information and create experience sharing mechanisms among staff to transform individual understanding to enterprise wide knowledge and reach to the next level 3 and also help for a continuous learning to reach to level 4 and 5.



Project management Maturity, Maturity level, Project Management Knowledge