Assessment of Soil Fertility Degradation and Management Practices in Gimbo District, Southern Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The main concern of this study is to assess households’ soil fertility degradation and management practices in Gimbo district, southern Ethiopia. In order to attain the above specified objectives both primary and secondary data were emphasized. The techniques of collecting primary data sources include structured household survey, discussion, field observations and interview. Secondary data were used from published and unpublished resources like research reports, journal articles, books and electronic documents. Purposive sampling method used to select sample Kebeles. Sampling technique was employed to choice farm household participants under each sample Kebeles. The data was analyzed using percentage mean, frequency and qualitative approach The majority of farm household respondents use soil fertility management measures to boost up their production. Soil fertility management activity was more dependent on the application of inorganic fertilizer which cannot alone ensure productivity of the land under cultivation. Farm households practiced crop rotation and intercropping, grass strip, contour farming and residue management in their farm land areas. Appropriateness of technologies, inadequate funds to run the group’s activities, Shortage of land in the area, distance of the farm land, Lack of awareness and training, non co-operative neighbors and technical support, off-farm activities, and lack of technical advice were the major factors influencing the local people soil fertility management practices. Lastly, in light of these results, wider range of sustenance and awareness creation, the delivery of practical based trainings, and institutional capacity development help the practice of active soil fertility organization in the study area. Key Words: Agriculture, management Practices, Farm Households, Development agen



Agriculture, management Practices, Farm Households, Development agen