Challenges of Rural-Urban MigrantsSituated in Jimma Town, Oromia Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Rural-urban migration has a long history in Ethiopia. The migration of people from Ethiopia's rural to urban settings has been fueled by both rural push factors and urban pull factors. Rural-urban migrants face different problems in their destination. The main objective of this study is to investigate the challenges of rural-urban migrants in Jimma town. Specifically, this research intends to describe the transitional challenges of rural-urban migrants, investigate the psycho-social challenges of rural-urban migrants, and evaluate the economic challenges of rural-urban migrants in Jimma Town.A descriptive research design was employed to undertake the study by using phenomenology as its main method. A snowball sampling technique was used to conduct the study. The first subject of the study was purposefullyselected. The primary data-gathering methods in this research included in-depth interviews, key informant interviews, and focus group discussions. The information gathered from various sources wasthematically converged during the analysis. To ensure internal trustworthiness or credibility,extended engagement with participants, peer assessment of the interview guide, and triangulation was employed to ensure the quality of the study and ensured that all ethical and moral standards of social work research are followed.This research found that; informal, unregulated recruitment processes, being a “stranger” and being isolated, the problem of finding a proper place to live and work, low earnings, workplace harassment, poor access to education and other social services, lack of assistance for entrepreneurship from the concerned body, etc. are the major challenges rural-urban migrants living in Jimma town are facing. The findings of the study may be helpful for the social worker to put effort into the construction of institutionalized protection for individuals who migrate from rural villages to urban centers as well as a comprehensive migration strategy for the nation. This study will also serve as a springboard for students or academics interested in doing a study on the issues.



Rural-Urban Migrants in Jimma Town, Migration to the city