Mechanical Characterization and Water Absorption Behavior of Woven Mat Glass Fiber / Epoxy Composite Materials

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Addis Ababa University


In this research the Experimental study of glass fiber composite materials reinforced fiber types are presented. Composite materials have boundless engineering applications where the strength to weight ratio, low costs, and ease of fabrication are required. The main goals of this research work were to characterize the mechanical properties and study the water absorption of behaviors of glass fiber reinforced composites materials using Experimental test. Different literature or research uses different fiber/matrix ratio for composite materials preparation, fabricate and test the mechanical properties, using literature as a reference four different types of fiber/matrix ratio of the specimen were prepared. WP 310 universal testing machine were used to test mechanical properties. The tensile, compression and flexural properties of the glass fiber reinforced Epoxy composite materials were carried out According to ASTM standard. The 50/50 fiber matrix ratio was found higher tensile strength,45/55 fiber/matrix ratio (45%) fiberglass fiber-reinforced composite materials was found higher compressive strength and 25/75 fiber matrix ratio of glass fiber reinforced composite materials were found higher flexural strength and also glass fiber reinforced composite materials specimens were poured in the ordinary water for the various time intervals at room temperature to study the water absorption effect at different periods of times. The water absorption of the specimen shows gradual increases. The effect of water gain in the percentages for glass fiber reinforced composite was observed. Furthermore, the results show, using the glass fiber as reinforcement could successfully develop composite materials in terms of good strength and better water absorption properties for the uses of lightweight purpose of different application.



glass fiber, water absorption, hand lay-up techniques, Flexural, Tensile, Compression properties