Supply Chain Integration For Perishable Goods Supply Performance, The Case Of Ethiopian Horticulture Exporters

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Addis Ababa University


Supply chain integration was identified as a tool to assist an organization to survive in a competitive marketplace. SCI directly relates to performance and that internal and external integration influence each other along with performance. The purpose of this research is the show the importance of the supply chain integration over the Ethiopian horticulture producers and exporters firms’ performance in regards to the supply/delivery. The research focused on the Ethiopian horticulture producers’ exporter’s association members and used a census method as a sampling technique. The research used explanatory research design where both qualitative and quantitative (descriptive) methods of analysis were applied. Based on the output of the data analysis, the key factors identified are Supplier integration, internal integration, customer integration and third party LSP integration as an independent variable which shows a strong relationship with the supply performance of the firm. The overall performance of the firms supply operation was concluded as weak. Accordingly, capacity building, networking and information management technology applications recommended as a possible improvement interventions



integration, Horticulture, performance