Evaluating Service Quality Of Ethiopian Shipping And Logistics Services Enterprise

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Addis Ababa University


The aim of this paper is to evaluating the service quality of Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Service Enterprise. The study has incorporated both primary and secondary data. Moreover, this study used both qualitative and quantitative research methods as a primary source of data. Quantitative data was collected through questionnaires from 282 respondents. The research participants were selected through a non probability judgmental sampling technique. The study incorporated both descriptive and inferential statistics for analyzing the collected data from respondents. The results are presented in both tables and figures. The outcomes of this study show that the multimodal transportation service rendered by Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise is still expected to go a long way to improve the quality of its service to improve the service experience of its customers. Furthermore, the study revealed that the enterprise has got a relatively higher score in reliability dimensions while the service cost competitiveness and trade assistance dimension got below average score. Based on the findings, it’s been recommended that the enterprise should develop key performance indicators to measure if service is performed as promised, use real time cargo track & tracing system, develop a continuous self-development program, open a special desk which handles the enquiries of customers with special needs, prepare a convenient customer waiting area, increase the types of trade assistance it provides and cover more ports with adequate frequency



Service Enterprise, Ethiopian Shipping, cost competitiveness