Visitor Management as Atool for Sustainable Tourism Developmnet, Current Practice and Challenges: The Case of Gorgora, North Gondar, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Visitor management is an important tool in the achievement of sustainable tourism through minimizing the negative impacts and maximizing the positive impacts of visitors in a given destination. The objective of this study was to investigate visitor management as a tool to enhance sustainable tourism development, current practice and challenges in Gorgora. The study employed descriptive design in line with mixed research approach. Indeed, 95 international and domestic visitors were selected using convenience sampling and 5 key informants selected using purposive sampling. Questionnaire, interview and observation were instruments to collect data. In the methodology part, the collected quantitative data were analysed using descriptive statistical tools like frequency, percentage and mean also the collected data were processed via SPSS version 24 and qualitative data were collected key informant interview applied for narrative analysis. Based on the findings of the study the practices of both hard and soft visitor management tools in Gorgora were found poor which verified the challenges of implementing visitor management including low level of implementation, limited stakeholder participation, lack of budget, limited skilled human power, and lack of awareness and negligence of responsibility in the study area. Based on the result, visitor management tools and sustainable tourism have a relationship and visitor management tools contribute for enhancement of sustainable tourism development in the study area. Based on the findings of the study, the researcher forwarded some recommendations to visitor management practice in the area.



Gorgora, Visitor management, Sustainable Tourism Development,