Extraction Of Glycosaminoglycan’s from Raw Hides Trimming Waste by Using Papain Enzyme

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Addis Ababa University


Glycosaminoglycans are the most plentiful type of organic active polysaccharides mainly found in animals. Chondroitin sulfate (CS) are one of the classes of glayconsaminoglaycans that can commonly use in pharmaceutical, cosmetics and beverage industries as well as in treatment of arthritis and eye diseases. Therefore, taking out of Glayconsaminoglaycans from cow hide trimming waste by papain enzyme is necessary. In these process temperature, time, enzyme and PH are variables that can affect the result of Glayconsaminoglaycs. The best result of data was taken at pH of 6.7, enzymes concentration 0.6 %, temperature of 68OC and hydrolysis time 3 hours. The extracted Glayconsaminoglaycans were 0.5 % and its composition were 62.7% carbohydrates and16.4 % proteins, moisture content 13.1%, and ash content 7.8 %. The experiment analysis was analyzed by using UV spectroscopy and characterize by FTIR and NMR analysis.



GAGs, rawhide, trimming waste