Comparative Study of Juvenile Delinquency between Addis Ababa and Out of Addis Ababa Raised Juveniles in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The study is aimed at comparing and understanding juvenile delinquency between Addis Ababa Raised juveniles and juveniles who raised Out of Addis Ababa. In order to meet the objectives of the study, data were collected regarding the causes, types, current trends and intervention mechanism of juvenile delinquency. Data for the study were collected through closed ended questioners and key informant interview from delinquent juveniles found in the remand home and from investigative polices of four sub cities found in Addis Ababa. Accordingly, 25 among 41 questioners were administered for AAR and the rest 16 administered for OAAR juveniles. According to the study result, dysfunctional families, peer pressures and inability to attain basic needs are identified as causes for both groups to become delinquents. In addition, while failure of parental care referred as a special cause for AAR juveniles, street life is identified as a separate cause for OAAR juveniles‘ involvement in delinquency. Theft is also identified as a common type of delinquency committed by both groups though the type of the theft and its level are different between each groups. The study result also found that, juvenile delinquency is widening over time and community based correction mechanisms are highly recommended to tackle the problem



Juvenile delinquency; Remand home;Addis Ababa Raised; Out of Addis Ababa Raised