Assessing the Institutional Performance of Urban Land Administration: The Case of Burayu City Administration

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This Thesis reviews the legal and institutional framework for urban land in Ethiopia with greater emphasis to the institutional dimension in the context of Burayu City urban land institution. The standards for assessing urban land institutional framework are identified and analyzed. Those parameters have been employed to assess urban land institutional framework of Burayu City using both doctrinal and empirical approaches. Burayu City is selected because of high demand for urban land in the city due to its closeness to Addis and hence, evaluating the state of urban land administration within the city is considered to be very crucial. Putting in place urban land legal and institutional frameworks is necessary but not sufficient for good governance within urban land administration to prevail. Thus, the institution side is expected to be transparent, accountable, armed with complaint handling scheme and operate with a mind-set to serve the public especially with a spirit of agency. Thus, the Thesis has employed these standards to assess the urban land institution of the study area and found that the performance of the institution in connection with service delivery regarding land is far below the standards due to the fact that there is lack of transparency, accountability and agency mentality and the complaint handling scheme established at this sector is almost not serving the customers. Burayu City Urban Land Institution ignores the feedback that comes from the complaint handling scheme established at city administration to handle complaints. The Thesis argues that absence of guidelines on transparency and accountability and mechanisms of ensuring the same within urban land institutions results in absence of these standards on the ground in service delivery. The role of mass media, public representatives, civil organizations and others in overseeing how public institutions are serving the public is very insignificant. Mechanism such as significant supervision or monitoring (including by external actors) is almost absent. This Thesis, thus, recommends that the problems of transparency, accountability, complaint handling and agency should be solved to ensure good governance in urban land administration.



Urban Land Administration,Burayu City Administration,Institutional Performance