An Assessment Of Project Managers’ Competency In Afro-Tsion Construction Plc

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Addis Ababa University


In this dynamic and complex business environment, project managers are expected to make business decisions as well as project decisions for achieving project success.Aware of this fact, Afro-Tsion Construction plc has assigned many project managers for the sake of achieving project excellence. The purpose of this research is to assess the competency of project managers in Afro-Tsion Construction plc. This study was conducted on Afro-Tsion Construction plc projects which were found at Addis Ababa currently. The design is descriptive one with purposive sampling technique.Data is collected using both structured questionnaire and interview as a primary source. The respondents were project managers who have the capability to manage a project. Finally the analysis is using descriptive statistics; percentage and mean. The findings of this study revealed thosedifferent types of project manager’s competency aspectsand their roles; i.e.,leadership, self-development, systemic, integration, leading change & personal integrity,the employees have a good competency skill.The findings also supported the organization has been given different types of training for the development of competency skills basically technical skill trainings not human skill training. Hence it is recommended for project manager’s to have training on human skill andto exerciseteam management and public service focused competencies for the success of the project



pproject manager’s competency, technical skill, human skill