Potential Safety Compromising of Existing Buildings Based on ES EN 1998:2015 (Case Study School Building in Mekele)

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Addis Ababa University


Earthquake codes have been revised and update depending on the improvements in the representation of ground motions, soils and structures. Ethiopian earthquake code has been revised 2015 and introduced as ES EN 1998:2015. Changes in the earthquake code has been performed on peak ground acceleration, ground type and design spectrum. The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the differences caused by code revision of the analysis and safety of existing structures of a given type of buildings. The differences in expression and some important points by EBCS 8 1995 and ES EN 1998:2015 have been considered for comparison. In this thesis the design spectra, base shear, story displacement and story drift for analyzing building were comparatively presented. From the study, it was found that there was a significant difference in base shear, story displacement and story drift for Soil Type B, C and D accordingly ES EN 1998:2015. The difference was not significant for Soil Type A and E. The value of demand to capacity ratio considerably increased in ES EN 1998:2015 compared to EBCS 8 1995 on soil type B, C and D. Finally the case study building was assessed for its performance level using push over analysis. The result shows the structure’s performance level not satisfied life safety level.



Structural Engineering Stream