Group Training In View of the Principles of Athletics Training: the Case of Middle and Long Distance Athletes of Some Selected Clubs

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Addis Abeba university


The purpose of this study are to identify Group training in view of athletics training principles in mugger and defense athletics sport clubs. The subject in this study were 40 middle and long distance trainee athletes`, 6 coaches of the respective field and one senior coach and one former staff member, selected from the total populations of 80, 6 and 2 respectively. As a method of data gathering tools; questionnaires and interview were employed. To analysis the collected data, both qualitative and quantitative methods such as descriptive statements and percentage were on use respectively. The result of the study revealed that trainee middle and long distance athletes practice 6 days per week having two sessions per day for 2:00 hours. The main reason to apply group training is there are unproportional trained man powers (coaches) in the field when we compared with the number of the athletes. To overcome these problems the following recommendations have been forwarded. The response from coaches and athletes is somewhat mixed, for and against group training, coaches should take in to consideration about individual difference in their training sessions, working with all stakeholders so as curb the problems of shortage of qualified man power; working with jointly with regional sport commissions, clubs and sport organizations, Ethiopia athletics federation etc and more should be done in having qualified coaches in the demand of the field in each clubs; on regular abases of training should be offered for coaches



the Principles of Athletics Training