The Conception of Disability and Challenges of Person With Disability: In Sebeta Hawass District Southwestern zone Oromiya Regional state

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Addis Ababa University


This research explores the Conception of disability and Challenges of Person with Disability in Sebeta Hawss Districts. Field data collected through interview, observation and focused group discussion methods. From the field result the belief system of the local area is highly determined the conception of local people towards disability and person with disability.Accordingly, some religious acts and religious document represent person with disability as cursed and sinful and associated with unfortunate happening. It also indicates that lack of accessibility and challenges related with accessibility of educationhealth care services, adequate school environment, school materials, adequate information, as well as the presence of disability based stake holder. Lastly, the study focuses on resilience and the factors of resilience by looking the life of succeeds disabled individuals



Social Anthropology