Social Media to Promote Human Rights: The Case of Ethiopian Human Rights Commission

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The objective of the study is to investigate how and to what extent The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission uses Social media to promote human rights. The study design is exploratory research and employed qualitative method. Open-ended questions are used to generate primary data. Secondary data was also obtained from document analysis of the Commission i.e. the Commission Establishment Proclamation_No.210/2000, the Commission communication strategy and the official Facebook page content of the Commission. The purposively selected respondents from the Commission’s head office answered the open-ended questions. The data analysis used content analysis and thematic analysis. The analysis of the data indicates that Ethiopian Human Rights Commission is using Social media not only to promote human rights, but also for other communication purposes. However, enough attention has not been paid to the Social media. It is not clearly stated who is responsible to produce contents, and in what format? Who is responsible to update the page and, at what time or on what regular bases? This has resulted in the preparation of contents without guidelines and clearly delimited responsibility. No response is given to the audience comments. In general, the Commission is using Social media for the past three years without any Social media policy, strategy, and guideline to administer and manage the media for greater utilization, proper resources were not allocated in terms of trained experts, material, and financial and technological expansions. This is indicative of the fact that enough attention were not paid to the Social media of the Commission so that for it to effectively promote human rights. Based on the findings of this study recommendations are suggested, which are the Commission would do a great deal of good to itself if it considers coming up with Social media policy, strategy, and guidelines with the view to administering and managing properly for effective use of the platform.



Social media, Human rights