Determinants Of Export Performance: (The Case Of Selected Textile And Garment Firms In Ethiopian)

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Addis Ababa University


Over recent years, there has been an increased interest in Africa as a continent with immense resources and potentials. Different initiative; like American Duty free market, COMESA, AGOA has been playing the major role of promoting Sub-Saharan Africa’s country integration into the multilateral trading system and empowering them to have more active roles in global trade negotiations. The overall objective of the study is to identify and examine major International marketing challenges and opportunities of Selected Ethiopian textile and Garment Firms. This study used explanatory research approach and empirical research design to assess and determine Determinants of export performance of selected export oriented textile and Garment Firms in Ethiopian and major contributing factors to them. The primarily data which collected through structured questionnaire and past years export secondary data was used for analysis, secondary data analyzed in tabulation whereas primary data analyzed through IMB SPSS statistical software 20 and the result was interpreted. The potential limitation of the research is the availability of marketing data on the shelf and implementation methodological limitation due to data constraints. The findings from this research revealed that firm specific characteristic and marketing mix strategy appeared to be significant predictors of export performance. However, surprisingly the finding also reviled that environmental characteristic and government support, do not influence Export performance. In terms of magnitude of effect, marketing mix strategy is superior. Finally, Textile and Garment firms should strength and inject more resources in marketing mix strategy to obtain better result in export, and should undertake the following measures: influence the government to revise its policy on the magnitude of cost of capital imposed on working and investment capital; utilizing the internal and external resource; Integrating their marketing Mix strategies; support their market channels. Further research should be in-depth in the subject area by incorporating additional variable those not used in this study.



Firm specific characteristics, Environmental characteristics, government support