Factors Affecting the Implementation of Cooperative Training in Some Selected Technical and Vocational Education and Training Institutions of Tigray Region

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of the research was to assess the factors affecting the implementation of cooperative training in some selected TVET institutions of Tigray region. In order to achieve this purpose, basic questions were raised that were intended to address the implementation of cooperative training. To achieve the purpose of the study descriptive survey method was employed. There are 26 TVET institutions in the region. These TVET institutions were grouped in to seven based on the type of training they provide and from among the 15 TVET institutions which provide training in industrial, business, and construction fields, Adigat SDC, Axum SDC, Shire SDC, Korom SDC, and Wukro TVEr were selected and included in the study by using simple random sampling method. In the study trainees, trainers, vocational counselors, outcome-based coordinalOrs, and organizations which participate in cooperative training were the respondents for the questionnaires and interviews. To investigate valuable information and to gather the required data questionnaires, interviews, document analysis and field observations were applied. The study came up with, among other things, that there is shortage of training facilities, a mismatch between the knowledge and skills included in the curriculum and what is needed in the actual work place, less awareness on the part of the cooperative training organizations, and the services being rendered by the vocational counselors are not satisfactory. Finally, on the basis of the findings, it was recommended that it is better for the regional TVET bureau to equip, as much as possible, the training institutions with the necessary facilities and materials. Moreover, training institutions should be better to establish strong relationships and create awareness to cooperative training providing organizations so as to solve their resource scarcity. Still it is advisable to assign vocational counselors and supervisors with the necessary professional preparation and experience in order to help trainees solve their personal, occupational, and life problems.



Vocational Education and Training Institutions of Tigray Region