The Factors Contributing for the Expansion of Informal Settlements in Hossana Town, Southern Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Rapid growth of informal settlements in developing countries constitutes one of the most intriguing forms of urbanization. However, factors and theories underpinning this rapid and prevalent dynamic of informal settlements are often restricted to the descriptive phase. The purpose of this study is to investigates the land administration model that is used to regulate the expansion of informal settlements in Hossana Town administration. This paper present how Informal Settlement Growth Model (ISGM) be alternative to improve the current GIS approach. This paper proposes a mixed method research methodology. It propose three steps: (1) collect information through interviews, questionnaires documents and field observation on the internal and external factors of informal settlements, (2) incorporate the collected data and models to analysis data, and (3) suggest the recommendation for improving effective land administration system with respect to informal settlements.The studyprovides thatfrom the total population of Hossana Town 19.4% livelihoods are squatters.From those who owned land in unplanned area, 77% obtainedby fools gift or without legal certification.The problem of informal settlements in Hossana Town has been attributed to deficits in housing supply, high home rent and expensive land tender price. The implementation of good land administration model is appropriate to reduce the major constraints. Key Words: Informal Settlement, Squatting, Land Administration, Land Right



Informal settlement, Squatting, Land administration, Land right