Assessment of Public Leisure Services provision: The Case of Addis Ababa Recreational Parks.

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Addis Ababa University


Urban recreational parks have great values like by being an allraction for leisure and recreation contribute for tourism and contribute positively for the economy. In addition to this urban recreational parks. have social, environmental, educational and health benefits. However ever urban recreational parks are underutilized due to poor services and facilities they have. Measures taken to. solve the problem were limited due to lack of allention and research. The objectives of the study were to assess current government authority practices for planning, providing, managing and maintaining urban parks, identifying factors ajjecting recreational parks service provision and perception of visitors on the service and facilities provided The study was conducted by collecting data and information from park visitors, parks and park agency workers, Addis Ababa Tourism Bureau regarding official, and community representatives using questionnaire and key informant interview. In analyzing the data descriptive statistic for the questionnaire filled by park visitors and simple qualitative analysis is usedfor information from key injormant interview. Results indicated that services andfacilities at the parks are poor and poorly maintained Lack of finance, professional human resource and absence policies and guidelines for service provision are the main problems resulted in poor service facility. Therefore, to improve service and facilities and achieve intended objective government should review its policies on park management to enable allocation of more resources and the system of management and financial sourcing and involve all stakeholders in the system are recommended



Public Leisure Services Provision