AStudy on Planning and Scheduling in Federal Road Projects of Ethiopia: Causes of non-Excusable Delay in Selected Projects

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Addis Ababa University


The objective of the project management is to optimize the quality time and resource to the best possible way. In this regard project planning and scheduling has very critical impact on project’s performance. Well organized project management team recognizes the importance and applies the basics to achieve the project objectives. The aim and objective of this study is to assess the practice and impacts of the planning and scheduling of road projects and make recommendation based on findings to road projects that are carried out by the Federal Government of Ethiopia. In order to achieve its objectives, case study of ten projects, desk studies concerning the subject matter on the current trends of Ethiopian roads authority, and 26 interview responses of professionals from Ethiopian Roads Authority, consulting firms and contractors have been analyzed. Accordingly the findings from the research show that there is a need to improve planning and scheduling trends because risk factors associated with non excusable delays have been triggered due to lack of proper planning and scheduling in execution of works. Therefore in order to improve the performance of time in project’s, in plan and schedule operation, it is fundamental to implement the principles of constructability review and its follow up mechanisms for each project. Constructability review teams should be formed independently from designer, projects managers and other professionals even though the team members should have to be well experience on those projects execution areas Well planned and scheduled works are not meaning perfect and not amendable after the project is commenced. Rather it always needs to be followed by rigorous review of the plan, reschedule and updates of the project completion. Key words: Plan, Schedule, Risk assessment, Constructability, Planning appraisals, non excusable delays.



Plan, Schedule, Risk Assessment, Constructability, Planning Appraisals, Non Excusable Delays