An Assessment of the Practice of Youth Football Projects of Addis Ababa City Administration

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Addis Abeba university


One of the commonly heard talks of the day regarding Ethiopian football is how to get players and in turn how to raise or scale up the status of Ethiopian football. For this, quality youth football program which offers training that satisfy the age characteristic of different age level youths is mandatory. For this to happen, the availability or access of facilities or infrastructures and equipment is primarily necessary. The coaches competence, the necessary inputs as manuals and the training are also issues which needs due attention. There are football projects all over Ethiopia which are providing training for different age level youths with an intention of producing players who could be competent and successful. Thus the assessment of the training environment and the training itself is a task which needs priority. This study, therefore, made an attempt of assessing and evaluating the conduciveness of the training environment from different angles and the appropriateness of the training to the age characteristic of the trainees of those football projects which found in Addis Ababa city administration. A descriptive survey study was conducted with twenty football projects (seventeen from 11-15 age bracket and 3 from 15-17 age bracket) as the target group of the study. Out of these ten from the first group and three from the second group has been taken as a sample group the study. Relevant data were collected through questionnaire, observation, interview and document analysis. Then the collected data were analyzed by using count, percentage and descriptive statements. As the study revealed the training environment in relation with the availability and adequacy of facility and equipment which are basic for quality age based training were in lack. The study also indicated that the training which the trainees getting from the project was not appropriate and consistent with their age level. Generally the program has not found quality enough to produce players who could be competent to play the game with its modern essence Based on the finding of the study valuable recommendation were made for all concerned bodies and stake holders in the way in which the training could be more effective in preparing competent and skilled players



Assessment of the Practice