Effects of Gender Disparity on the Lives of Women: The Case of Kibet Town of Silti Woreda in Snnpr

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Addis Ababa University


The paper is aimed to study the effects of gender disparity on the lives of women in Kibet town of Silti woreda. The paper has tried to assess the living condition of women, their contribution in the household, their legal rights and their general socio-economic situation. Survey is the method used to generate data from sample respondents. In support of the primary data, available literature was reviewed.The survey result indicated that due to the socially constructed gender disparity women are deprived of their basic rights and over burdened with domestic tasks. They are also made to hold subordinate position in the household. The secondary position of women in the household affected the exercise of their legal rights. They are excluded from control and ownership of resources, access to education, credit services and other basic services. The low access to education resulted in low employment opportunities. In addition, lack of control and ownership over productive resources impede their decision-making power in both the household and the community. Due to all these factors, they are limited to the tedious and routine household tasks. With a little help from children, they perform all these activities from early in the morning to mid night



Social Work