A Study of Journalistic Professional Practices in Ethiopian Television News Productions: Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) and Life Television (LTV) in focus

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This study critically analyzed the Journalistic professional practices in Ethiopian television news productions focusing on two television stations which are EBC and LTV. The main objective of this research was to assess the level of quality of professional practice of journalism in the Ethiopian media. Qualitative content analysis was employed in order to succeed the objective of this study. By random sampling method, this research takes the news of one month (“Mesekerem 2-30,2012”, which is from September 13 - October 11, 2019) evening news full bulletins from both media houses which is 228 news items from ETV 57 and 114 news items From LTV. The selected news items were analyzed and interpreted to find out the level of journalistic professional practices. Framing and social responsibility theories of the media were used as a theoretical framework of this study. The findings of this study shows that the television stations in Ethiopia especially the stations focused in this study (EBC and LTV) news production has low professional quality. There are several problems regarding meeting the ethics, principles and elements of Journalism. Bias, subjectivity, dependency, reporting only success stories, not telling the truth and plagiarism are among the unprofessional attempts of those media houses. Depending on the findings, this research has come up with most relevant recommendations for the television stations, on how to improve the capacity of the professional journalists, editors and review their news productions.



Journalistic professional practices in Ethiopian television