Assessment of the Physical Integration of Public Transport Stations and its Effect on the User

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Addis Ababa University


Physical integrations of public transport aims to make the intermodal transit system accessible for all users by reducing discontinuities within the system. Enhancing the physical integration of public transport stations allows users to make travel decisions that enables them to save their time and money. The research was conducted to assess the physical integration of public transport stations and its effect on the public transport user. The study area was at Mexico roundabout, Addis Ababa and included the study of 20 public transport stations including the LRT stations and covered all the public transport modes present in the area. The study assessed the physical integration of the public transport stations of the area by assessing the transfer experience of the public transport used survey method to capture the perception of the public transport users. The study also assessed the trip characters and modal usage of the public transport users. The findings revealed that more than 30% of respondents had to walk 400-500 meters to make a transfer to another mode of transport. Ordinal regression was used to analyze which parameters of the transfer experience had significant effect on the public transport users. The distance traveled to make a transfer, protection against weather while making a transfer, the increase in number of transfers a public transport user makes, safety security and conditions of sidewalk are amongst the significant parameters that affect the satisfaction towards the transfer experience. There is a strong institutional interest to enhance physical integration. However, concrete measure are not undertaken. The study recommends changing open spaces in the study area to interchange facilities and provision of longer routes to decrease discontinuities of trips. The study further recommends the city place public transport interchange facilities around transport hubs of the city to enhance physical integration of transport modes.



Physical integration, Public transport, User satisfaction