Test Construction Skill and Assessment of Factors Affecting Test Analysis and Evaluation: The Case of Three Selected High Schools in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to determine to what extant teacher made tests were effective. The research also focused on identifying the factors that inhibit analysis and evaluation of test by high school teachers of Nifas silk sub city. Moreover, qualitative description of the test was made by analysis of the test papers the teachers set or prepared using the principle of test construction checklist. In addition, by using questionnaire, relevant data were collected from the teachers. Furthermore, interview was carried out to gather data from school principals about the over all condition of the schools and about the factors that limits the teachers from making post test analysis. The finding of this research indicated that teacher made test qualities were not good in terms of the difficulty level and discrimination power. The qualitative data analyses have also shown that most of the test items were not constructed as per the principle of test construction. The finding farther demonstrated that teachers were not in positions to make post test analysis. Finally, it is recommended that to minimize the problems associated with test construction; teachers should be encouraged to engage in test item analysis