Assessment and Enhancement of HMIS Implementation Strategy in Oromiya Region at Chancho Health Center.

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Addis Ababa University


Background: - HMIS is an organized system of record keeping, reporting, processing analysis, use and feedback of information. Effective health management information system (HMIS) is essential for setting priority for community based problems, for allocation of budget and human resource and decision making in general to managers and stakeholders. Facilitate informed Local decision making it is necessary to implement health management information system to timely and accurately provide at the level of health facility. Objective: - The purpose of this study was to assess the weakness and strength of the existing HMIS and implementation at chancho health center. Methodology: - A facility based cross sectional Descriptive study was conducted in Chancho Health Center from February to April, 2015. Both qualitative and quantitative research methods were used. Data were collected through open ended questions of self administered filled by 50 health professionals who were volunteer at the time of data collection. Qualitative data which is Observations and in depth interview was conducted with head of health center and HMIS focal person, for qualitative analysis of certain document. SPSS version 20 software was used to analyze quantitative data. Results: - The finding of the study was presented in table. The quantitative results on each outcome measures use in assessment are reported and explored by qualitative methodology. .Most of the respondents were health professionals with qualification out of the questioned 50 staffs 32 (64%) Diploma and 18 (36%) were Degree. 90% of the respondent reported that 43 (86%) of the respondent said, there is no trained staffs on basic computer literacy and manual reporting. lack of coordination mechanism has also played its part for this challenge. 39 (78%) of the respondents said that, there was no incentive for information use and it shows also that 41 (82%) of the respondents said that, there is no motivation mechanism to improve information culture. Conclusion and recommendations: I, conclude That There is no necessary input to HMIS like budget, training and coordination mechanism in the facility. It was also recommended that HMIS implementation program in the facility should have ownership and it is important to identify the X capacity requirement of the HMIS unit at health center level and the health professional and health managers at health center level need to be motivated and encouraged in order to make them committed and accountable to their work.



Enhancement of HMIS Implementation