Reintegration Opportunities and Challenges of Assisted Voluntary Returnees from Southern Migration Route to the Republic of South Africa in the Case of Hadiya Zone, Hossana town and Lemo Woreda

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Addis Ababa University


The general objective of this study is to assess the reintegration opportunities and challenges of Assisted voluntary returnees from transit countries en route of Republic of South Africa (Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia) in case of Hadiya Zone, Hossana town and Lemo Woreda. Hence, the study assessed the reintegration challenges and opportunities of returnees from social, economic and psycho- social reintegration dimensions .This study has also examined the institutional barriers that affect success of reintegration program. To meet the intended objective, the study employed qualitative approach and employed snowballing sampling technique to select participants of the study and purposive sampling to select the key informants. Moreover, 14 indepth interviews and four key informants’ interview were employed. Primary data was collected from the voluntary returnees and key informants from Ministry of Women and Social affairs (MOWSA), International Organization for Migration (IOM), Hadiya Zone Urban job creation and development bureau (UJCD) and Hadiya zone Bureau of Social and Labor affairs (BOLSA).The major finding of the study has shown that assisted voluntary returnees have received few economic reintegration opportunities from non-governmental organizations but had challenges such as lack of work space, shortage of capital, inadequate vocational training, delayed service and heavy taxation. There are also institutional factors that challenged the reintegration process which are stated as, lack of coordination between agencies, low motivation of returnees, lack of the follow up the progresses tracking, resource constraint. Based on the finding it is recommended that BOLSA and UJCD to link the return migrants with local micro finance, provide sheds and facilitate tax exemption for returnees. Additionally, IOM needs to speed up the reintegration assistance.



voluntary returnees, Reintegration, challenges, opportunities