University Industry Linkage in Terms of Research: the Case of Addis Ababa Universitymolla

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Addis Ababa University


The study was designed to describe and analyze the University-Industry (U-I) linkage in the case of Addis Ababa University College of Natural Science and Institute of technology which are located at Arada Subcity. This research employs mixed methods to address the issue. Sample survey of 68 individuals was conducted using the quantitative method. While the qualitative methods applied, were interviews with associate deans for research university and Industry linkage, METEC research and development vice director, university industry link and technology transfer unit director, ministry of science and technology expert. Document analysis was also used to analyze policy related to university industry linkage. The national science and technology policy, intellectual property right policy and higher education proclamation: university internal policy and industry research and development strategies have been the Conceptual Model of the study that underpins this study. This study investigate that there is no universityindustry linkage in terms of academic research. This study also revealed the power of implementation of policies in connection with university industry linkage is very poor in national and university level, the leadership commitment to creating linkage with industry doesn’t get priority attention by the university and the industry owner as well. Moreover this study also shows that the university academic staffs are not competitive to conduct competitive academic research which can be sold to industries, the university come up with financial constraint and limited allocation of annual fund for the university industry linkage unit. Moreover the study findings indicate that lack of incentive mechanisms to motivate the academic staff, low level supply of updated research infrastructure and facilities, low level commitment and poor management system were the lion share for the low level status of university industry linkage in the case of Addis Ababa University. Furthermore, the study find out that patents have a key role in creating a favorable condition for the networking of the different actors in the national system of innovation but the national IPR policy has low impact to create strong linkage. The results of the research analyzed that funding in research play a dominant role to have novel technology result but at national level, in the university and METEC it is really below average. The university and industry partnership in terms of research is still on its minimal stage because of the two parties miss communication, low level industry owner awareness, university leadership commitment and competence to create the linkage is also below average