Job Satisfaction among Secondary School Teachers in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The study sought to determine the relationship belvveen personal characteristics a/reachers, intrinsic factors, and extrinsic/actors andjob sati.~'laclion. A sample of 270 teachers was selected by using strat!fied random sampling method from a population of 1852 teachers in Addis Ababa government secondaty schools. The data regarding the dependent and independent variahles were collected by questionnaires from the teachers. Statistical analysis included computation of correlation matrix. multiple regression analysis, (R2 ), and F-values. The .finding of the study revealed thatfrom all the independent variables onlyfive were selected by the stepwise regression method and had a statistically sign!ficant relationship with the criterion measure. These independent variables are: work itself, working conditions, interpersonal relations, sex, and salary. All 0/ these variables have a statistically significant relationship with the criterion measure. The .findings of the study indicated that work itself, working conditions, interpersonal relations, sex, and salary are better predictors of teachers' joh satisfaction than other factors. The results of the study have been intefpreted and compared with those of other studies reported in the literature. On the bases of the finding obtained in the study it was recommended that the problem has to be further researched in d(fferent regions for validating findings and instrument developed.



relationship belvveen personal characteristics a/reachers