Sustainability of Groundwater Use Using Integrated Methods: The Case of Atebala Catchment: Upper Awash Sub-Basin

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Addis Ababa University


Atebala River catchment is part of Upper Awash Sub-Basin, it is geologically dominated by Addis Ababa Ignimbrite, specifically in the west and southern parts of the study area. In the study area there are lots of industries which own water boreholes in their compound. In this research detailed hydrogeological investigation is undertaken to understand the groundwater resources of the catchment. To create an ideal picture for the major hydrogeological setting of the field situation of the study area, the study developed a conceptual model which maintain the mathematical representation by identifying the available major system, the possible boundaries and aquifer characteristic which results an input data base, cross section and simplified map for the modeling. The study will recommend to enhance the groundwater potential by identification of recharge and evapotranspiration; by using SWAT model and the result is taken as an input data for the numerical model. Numerical modeling is being simulated using the USGS three-dimensional finite difference groundwater flow model MODFLOW to quantify the water resource availability of the complex, dynamic groundwater/surface water systems and to take account of the environmental impact of abstraction. The calibration technique that the model used in this study is Manual trial and error calibration technique. From the model result the general groundwater flow direction is towards the Atebala River from all directions. It also assures that the groundwater withdrawal from the water boreholes of the catchment do not reach at the over abstraction rate, however the modeler has tried for the simulation of two scenarios with the abstraction of the groundwater and the influence of fluctuation of Evapotranspiration. Generally, Atebala river catchment has good groundwater potential for domestic, irrigation and industrial use. But if the well withdrawal and evapotranspiration of Atebala river catchment is increases, then the catchment has needed serious integrated monitoring and control mechanism to sustainably preserve the groundwater resource of the catchment.



Groundwater, Upper Awash Sub-Basin, Atebala Catchment