Business customers ' satisfaction on elfora agro-Industries P.L.C. with reference to poultry

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Addis Ababa Universty


The major purpose of the study was to assess business customers' satisfaction on ELFORA agro-industries P.L.C with reference to poultry. To this effect descriptive survey method was employed and the study used census. To collect data from 70 business customers, questionnaire were prepared and administered and for 12 front line employees of ELFORA interview check lists were prepared and used. The collected data were analyzed using frequency, percentage, mean scores and standard deviation. The other tools used in this study are Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) and Gap Analysis. The result of the study indicates that /rom 19 attributes presented to business customers to indicate the importance level of each attribute in making decision to buy poultry products, business customers put top priority to supplier 's quality system, technical performance of product to the required pwpose (quality) being slightly less than the first one in average score The next position is held by consistency and continuity of product quality and overall hygiene of products both being 3'd Besides, business customers revealed that they were highly satisfied with overall hygiene of ELFORA 's poultry products, quality system, consistency and continuity of product quality supplied as one to three respectively. And/ront-line employees of ELFORA mentioned quality, receivingfull weight, supply and customer handling as business customers' top priority in making buying decisions. Customers Satisfaction Index (CSI) that indicates the overall satisfaction of business customers of ELFORA is 3. 783 out offive or 75.66%. The overall rating given by employees to their organization's performance in satisfying business customers was 2.83 out of5 or 56.60%. By pulling the importance and satisfaction scores together, the gap between the two were identified for four most important attributes. And the gap between importance level and satisfaction of business customers obtained from technical performance of the product to the required purpose is the highest of the four most important attributes. And supplier's quality system, consistency and continuity of product quality and overall hygiene of products followed respectively. In comparison of ELFORA's performance with its competitors most business customers and front-line employees of the company judged ELFORA as belfer than its competitors. Based on the findings, conclusion and recommendations were made