Factors Influencing Implementation of Change Interventions at Ethiopian Electric Utility (EEU)

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Addis Ababa University


Considering the continually growing need for change in today’s environment, handling changes within organizations has turn out to be extra important than ever before. Electricity has become a vital part of the societies however, poor service delivery, frequent power interruptions and delayed responses to the problems encountered are continuous problem of the Ethiopian Electric Utility (EEU). Even though the organization tried to implement Change management interventions such as Business Process Reengineering (BPR) when it was as part of the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation, Kaizen and Balanced Score Cared (BSC)with radical change, yet the expected results and outcomes did not achieve as planned. These poor deliverables by the organization brought an impact on economic, social, political and image of the organization in general. The research approach was Mixed (both Qualitative &Quantitative). In quantitative research, samples of a population particularly staffs of the organization under study were questioned and interviewed to establish its characteristics and for qualitative survey three directorates (Process Excellence, Change & Good Governance Directorate, Procurement, Logistics, Property & facility Directorate and Corporate Planning Directorate) were selected and one director from each directorate and one officer from one directorate interviewed using interview guides. The research project was based on explanatory research design and with Stratified Random and purposive sampling techniques. the study concludes that leadership commitment, leadership involvement, employee participation, employee competency and organizational culture plays a vital role in BSC implementation, and they have statistically significant association with the BSC implementation. The study recommended that while implementing BSC Organization should ensure effective and efficient leadership involvement, Leadership commitment, appropriate training and staff development to improve employee competency, appropriate organizational culture, role of organizational cultures has to be aware among the staffs and stake holders. leaders and management of the organization should also appreciate and include employee participation



Change intervention, BSC implementation, Leadership involvement