Traduction d’une poésie Problèmes et enjeux

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Addis Ababa University


It all started when I fell down some time ago on an online forum with someone who wrote: "Obama is the 54th president of the united states. What question should I ask for this answer? ". Translated into French, this question becomes "Obama est le 54ème président des États-unis. Quelle question faut-il demander pour avoir cette réponse ?". When this question is asked in Amharic, the answer is very easy and immediate (ኦባማ ስንተኛው የአሜሪካ ፕሬዘዳንት ነው?). However, I still could not translate the expression into French or English. The first curiosity for translation is born with this question. Personally, as well as in the field of my work, I managed to make correct translations without knowing the methods that I used. To then test my skills on the subject, I tried to translate the lyrics of an Ethiopian song into French and the result was a disaster! That's why I had the curiosity to study this subject. Translation is a complicated business, especially when the two languages involved are from different families. This research does not claim that prose translation is easy, but that of poetry is much more complicated. Is it possible to recreate in another language the music, the pictures and the beauty of a poem? Several theories and approaches to translation exist, each with their advantages and disadvantages; they are not mathematical formulas with absolute values, but rather different ways of accomplishing a task. It is therefore presented in this research a way of translating poetry, from the Amharic language to the French language, by studying the different problems that can arise and be of an aspect that is cultural, linguistic, semantic... The selected samples are preferably different from a thematic, stylistic, and temporal point of view to extend the range of problems encountered. Subsequently, in order to have a reference with which to compare the translations suggested here, it was also necessary to include the work of a translation office. Finally, to avoid that these influence the translations suggested by this research, both were prepared in parallel. It was not free to have the point of view of the translation office. Regarding sources on the theoretical part, internet was essential. The Google machine translation service has not served much as translation to or from Amharic remains very mediocre. On the other hand, online synonym dictionaries and dictionaries such as, and have played a vital role in the translation proposals.



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