Child Right in School: Study of Teachers' Conceptions and Practicesbegna Ordofa

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Addis Ababa University


This study aimed at investigating how child right has been conceived and practiced by primary school teachers found at Gihimbi Town. To accomplish the study, multiple ca e study design was employed Three primary schools (1-8) were selected purposively from a tOlal of nine. The subjects in this study were teachers, principals and students in the primary schools. Questionnaire, observation, interview and focus group discussion were used to secure the necessary data from these sources. Descriptive phrases, percentages, mean scores, t-test, one way ANOVA and Chisquare test were used to analyze the secured data. For the latter three, the statistical analysis were carried out using soft ware for Statistical Package for the Social Science ( SPSS). The result indicated that the teachers do not have arranged programs in the schools to raise their awareness on the issue of child rights in school. There was some confusion among them on the major child rights to be preserved at their school level. The extents to which these teachers feel accountable on promoting child rights in the schools were found to be at lower level. On the other hand, lack of sufficient support!cooperation from concerned bodies, low level of awareness about the issue of child rights by parents and the community at large and lack of commitment by teachers to promote the issue in the schools were found to be the major problems which hindered the effective application of mechanisms to promote the issue. Teachers' demographic characteristics have no such significant effect on teachers ' views towards child right and on the application of mechanisms to promote the issue in the schools except sex. It was then concluded that teachers' conceptions and practices on child rights in schools is not at the required level. At last, possible solutions were forwarded depending on the findings