Design an Electronic Medical Record System at Outpatient Department of Yekatit 12 Hospital Medical College

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Addis Ababa University


Introduction: Health records are the most important database of patient which consists of various data entered by health care professionals in either paper or electronic form. Reliable and timely health information is an essential foundation of public health action and health systems. Electronic-Health is the use of Information and Communication Technologies in health care. It is concerned with improving the flow of information, through electronic means to support the delivery of health services and the management of health systems. From e-health applications Electronic Medical Record which is computerized medical information system that collect, store and display patient information is one aspect. The record system provides comprehensive, reliable, relevant, accessible and timely patient information to each member of the health care. Objective: The main objective of this project is to design and develop prototype of electronic medical record system at outpatient department of Yekatit 12 hospital medical college. Methodology: The project was designed in an object oriented view of system analysis and design methodology with incremental and iterative designing cycle. The requirements for the system were collected through interview, observation and document review. Analysis and design of the proposed system was done using the unified modeling language by Microsoft Visio 2013. Result: The design electronic medical record system has different functionalities to support patient record system at Yekatit 12 hospital such as patient registration, diagnosis, treatment, and laboratory result registration, search patient data and update patient visit, assign patient and generate report. Which will help to transform the paper based manual system to efficient and effective electronic system. Three tire system architecture also designed for the new system. Summary: electronic medical record system to overcome the problems associated with manual record system was designed for users at outpatient department. The project contributes to improve the hospital business process by bringing better understanding of the use of electronic medical record system. It enables users to get timely, complete, organized, easily accessible patient data at the point of care. Recommendation: The hospital in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Health and regional health office has to work on the implementation and usability of the system and provide the necessary system support. The researchers/students continue the project and work on the remaining parts of the system.



Medical Record System at Outpatient Department of Yekatit 12 Hospital