The Contribution of African Philosophy in Challenging Western Hegemony and Globalization

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this thesis is to explore the contribution of African philosophy in challenging the impacts of Western hegemony and globalization on Africa. Since Western philosophy claims the “universality” of its philosophy, culture, science and technology, some racist Western philosophers pledge to provide this to Africa as part of their “civilizing mission” because they argue that Africa has no civilization. Nowadays, this notion, supported by globalization, assumes a hegemonic place in Africa. The thesis, examines the impacts of globalization which has increased the cultural, political and economic problems of the continent which require the contribution of African philosophy to be resolved. In so doing, qualitative method is used by analyzing relevant secondary sources collected from books, book sections, and journal articles. The thesis argued that African philosophy as such uses critical analysis, synthesis, and criticism to resolve problems facing the people of the continent. So, the African philosophical approach should be used to sort out and do away with African problems. Most importantly, recognizing and grabbing the contributions of African traditional values and thoughts that can go hand in hand with the achievements of globalization is vital, for Western science and technology alone are so local, and not enough for the betterment of Africa. Based on this, the thesis suggested that both the West and Africa should take part in cross-cultural communications so as to create understanding about the pluralistic nature of cultures and the significance of African traditional values and thoughts. This, in turn, empowers African philosophers, the people, governments, and concerned bodies to work on Africanization via rediscovering African identity. Keywords: African Philosophy, Western Philosophy, civilizing mission, Westernization, Globalization, Intercultural approach, Africanization



African Philosophy, Western Philosophy, Civilizing Mission, Globalization