A Survey of the Leisure Reading Interests of Addis Ababa UnIversity Students

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Addis Ababa Universiy


This survey of the leisure reading interests of AAU students is a descriptive study based on questionnaires, interviews and observations. AAU students were the target subjects of the study. However, instructors, librarians and personal observations were used as additional sources of data to verify the validity of the students' responses. Chapter one of the study states the problem, describes the purpose, limitations and importance of the st~dy. Chapter two reviews relevant work on reading interests both in and outside of Ethiopia. It also relates the literature to the present study. The study procedure is described in the third chapter which is followed by reporting of the result in chapter four. The last chapter deals with conclusion and recornrnendations. The result of the study indicates that most of the subjects do read materials not directly related to their courses in their free time. However, the amount read is very small. Novel, magazine, short story, newspaper and biography are the kinds of the reading materials they select to read in their leisure time. They appear to have no specific reading interests largely due to lack of variety in the reading materials they managed to read. English is the language in which the majority of the respondents choose to read in their leisure time. However, their leisure time reading in English has a functional rather than a recreational purpose.



A Survey of the Leisure Reading Interests