Design a Web-Based Information System for Community Based Health Insurance System for Gurage Zone Health Insurance Scheme

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Addis Ababa University


Background: Community based health insurance scheme is a mechanism of distributing or pooling of risk among individuals. CBHI is a way to improve equitable access to health service, sharing costs among members and reducing the financial burdens of health care on the poor. In community based health insurance scheme involves three stakeholders these are the insurer, the insured and the service provider. The use of information and communication technology to create cooperative working environment between the stakeholders in the scheme can improve the accessibility and use of health care services at a point of service irrespective of time and geographical location. This can help to improve the use and access of citizens to the primary and advanced health care services. The application of ICT to the major business process of health insurance enables, an ease of access for the various health insurance services provision at the insurance scheme. Objective: The main objective of the project is to assess the existing paper based insurance system and design a user friendly web based information system for Gurage Zone community based health insurance scheme. In the existing system business processes are handled on paper based and many resources such as time, place, materials and manpower. Method: The project was limited geographically in Gurage Zone and conceptually to the designing of the web based information system for community based health insurance of unemployed rural and urban dwellers of the community. The project employed an object oriented system analysis and design technique with different data collection tools i.e. (interview, observation, relevant document review) to collect the data required for system design. Analysis and design of the proposed system was done using the UML and Microsoft Visio. My SQL Server has been used to develop the database. Result: The designed information system of community based health insurance for Gurage zone health insurance scheme comprises of different functionalities like members (the insured) registration, validation, claim adjudication; insurance components which would help to transform the paper based manual system to efficient and cost effective system. The web based information system for community based health insurance could enhance accessibility of services and information exchange by eliminating unnecessary time consuming processes. Evaluation of designed prototype is done by using empirically inspection of system users by preparing checklists consisting of list of prototype interface concerning questions. From the evaluation results 92% of the respondents (expected users) agreed that the prototype interface are



Web-Based Information System